Lisa R. Howeler

Freelance Writer & Photographer

These images are part of a documentary project on dairy farming and small owned and operated family farms in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Challenges have been more intense than ever in 2017 and 2018 for family operated farms. As the price of milk drops that means the income for area farmers is dropping as well. Many farms in Pennsylvania are closing and the traditions of working hard and living naturally off the land are fading with them.
I’m hoping with this project I will make people more aware about the difficult, but also full and joyful life, farming brings to farmers.

You can read more about the farms I visited as I continue the series. If you know of a farm you think should be highlighted you can leave me a comment here, or email me at

The first in the series is Mark Bradley, of Sayre, Pa.

I also wrote a post about Mark’s hardworking son and the work ethic farming instills in children.DSC_5843-Edit-2DSC_5917-EditDSC_5768-EditDSC_5733-EditDSC_5712-Edit_1DSC_5709-Edit_1DSC_5785-Edit_1DSC_8983DSC_8896DSC_8965-2DSC_9008

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